Sidnaw (6Y9) Annual Labor Day Fly-In

With our wedding trip behind us, we returned home, and after an aviation themed celebration with friends and family, we settled back in to our “normal” life.  We were pretty exhausted and it was nice to regroup and get some R&R at home.

However – with that being said, Randy and I never go too long without some kind of flying fun.   I made the decision to continue on with the blog and record future flights.  Many of our friends and family enjoyed following along on our wedding trip, so hopefully they will find it interesting to see where future endeavors take us.  With that, I leave you with our first “post wedding” trip…

Good friends from 9D9,  Brad and Diz Frederick,  own and operate the Pricket-Grooms airfield (6Y9), in the town of Sidnaw, located in the northwestern upper peninsula of Michigan.  Every year on Labor Day weekend, the Fredericks host a fly-in event at the airfield.  The event is a weekend endeavor complete with camping, good food and great fellowship with other aviation enthusiasts.

Randy and I departed Hastings on Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful morning to fly.  Our route took us from 9D9 to Manistee, MI where we initiated our Lake Michigan crossing.  Visibility was excellent and we could see the Wisconsin shoreline before we even left Michigan.  It is always a picturesque flight, over the Dorr County peninsula, with all of the long arms of terra-firma, reaching  out into the lake forming the many Bays that make up this part of Eastern Wisconsin.  Our route took us over Sturgeon and Sister Bays and provided some very pretty scenery.  Glancing at our GPS, we noticed we were following the upper Michigan/Wisconsin border very closely.  In fact we crossed back and forth between the two states several times. The clocks on our cellphones were having a hard time keeping up with the time zones!

After nearly two hours in the air, 6Y9 finally came in to view.  It’s not hard to spot.  You simply look for one of the only clear patches in a never ending blanket of trees.  We landed and tied Miss America down and made our way down the flight line to greet our fellow travelers and enjoy some freshly grilled hamburgers.

Brad and Diz were great hosts and we had a fun-filled weekend which included dinner and banter at the ever popular Hoppy’s Bar.  Sunday we enjoyed breakfast at the Sidnaw Station and an early dinner at the Hardwood Steakhouse before our departure.    We had a great time and met some very nice people from all over the country.  We hope for a repeat next year!

View of Grand Rapids from 9,500′. You can even see Muskegon and Lake Michigan in the distance.
Nice view of Grand Rapids
Manistee Harbor
Heading out over Lake Michigan
Pretty flight over the lake
Wisconsin coming in to view.
Wisconsin shoreline
Trademark “wing shot”.
Beautiful WI Bays.
Wisconsin or Michigan?
Winding river below
On final.



Old Sidnaw School. Now 6Y9 pilot’s lounge.
Hovering over the Navion.


Milkyway over 6Y9
Goodnight Miss A!

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