Heading East to Las Vegas

Las Vegas from Sedona – East?  I know what you are thinking – Sue must have failed geography . Nope, today, Wednesday, July 20,  I am writing from Las Vegas, New Mexico.

We felt a tug at our heartstrings when we departed Sedona .  Everything was so magical during our stay and especially our wedding.  We didn’t want it to end.  But the journey must continue, so we departed Tuesday morning with Las Vegas, NM as our destination.  We made it as far as Albuquerque, where pop-up thunderstorms caused us to land at Double Eagle Airport, just outside of town.  We figured we would grab some lunch and wait for the storms to pass, and then be on our way.  Wrong.  We soon learned that the western mountain monsoon weather patterns are very different then what we are used to in Michigan.  Storms don’t simply pass through, they stay.  Only the cooler evening temperatures cause them to finally dissipate.  So after sitting and waiting at the airport for over 5 hours, we finally resigned to the fact that we would spend an unscheduled night in Albuquerque.  We ended up getting an overpriced room at an Econolodge and settled in for the night.  We did have an excellent dinner at a local restaurant serving New Mexico cuisine, which was somewhat of a redeeming quality.

We rose with the sun this morning in order to beat today’s weather patterns and took off in to a clear blue sky.  The flight was uneventful, but beautiful.  Our departure from Albuquerque took us through a Sandia Mountains pass.  The scenery was majestic.

We arrived at the Las Vegas municipal airport and it was all but deserted.  The high desert meadows east of the mountains, stretched out as far as you can see.  We had reservations at the historical Plaza Hotel, circa 1882.  The manager was nice enough to let us switch our reservation from last night to tonight – and even upgraded our room.  It was absolutely wonderful!  This hotel has a colorful history and has been the destination of many celebrities through the years.  Many of the rooms are named for people who have stayed here.  We are staying in  the John Carpenter room.  The John Lithgow room is right next door and the Michelle Obama room just down the hall.  We even visited room 310 where the ghost of the original proprietor is said to reside.  No sightings tonight though.  (Yet).

Las Vegas is steeped in history and has over 900 buildings, commercial and residential that are listed on the national register, many from the 1800’s.  We enjoyed just walking through town and taking it all in.   it was most certainly a good stop!


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