A Grand Canyon Bucket List Experience

Well the day has arrived – our wedding day!  We have a busy planned at the hotel,  coordinating everything for the ceremony at 6:30PM this evening.

I want to take a few minutes before things get hectic to tell you about our incredible experience yesterday.

We rose early and fortunately, I felt much better, almost back to normal.  That was a good thing, as we had something spectacular planned – a flight over the Grand Canyon.

Airspace is very limited over the canyon, especially now with the fire and air tankers in the vicinity.  We did some careful planning, especially Randy.  He researched the corridor we planned to fly through and checked with flight service to assure that the restricted air space around the fire area would not impact our flight path.

We launched around 7:30AM into a sunny, calm sky.  It was only about 1/2 hour to the rim of the canyon.  As we approached the rim, we watched the bottom drop out from under us. All was quiet in the cockpit as we both took it all in.  It took a little while for the scope of what we were experiencing to sink in.  Words cannot describe, and photos cannot describe the experience of being above the canyon – just the two of us in Miss America.  I still have goosebumps.

Even from our position, the smoke from the fire kept us from flying all the way to the north rim.  A short distance before we would have flown into the smoke, we made a wide turn back toward toward the south rim.   I am posting photos, but as I said, they don’t do any of it justice.  We were truly blessed to be able to do this.  Neither of us will ever forget it.

After our return, we explored old town Sedona and took in a beautiful sunset.  We were supposed to take a “star tour” for some very cool planetary and deep space telescope views.  We met with our guide and he spent over an hour with us, before we had to scrub our tour due to cloud cover.  We still had a great time with our guide, Dennis Young.  If we ever come back to Sedona, we will definitely reschedule.

Just a note – I’ve also included some photos I took Saturday evening of the sunset and also some night photos of Sedona.  These were all taken from our balcony.  What an incredible view!

We are very excited for our big evening.  We are having dinner immediately following our ceremony with our officiant, Reverend Carla Riedel, our photographer, Pamela Duffy, Airport Manager, Amanda Shankland, and their husbands.  They have all been so nice and have treated us like family.  We are so fortunate to have found such nice people to assist us in making our day a special one.   Details to follow!


View from our room!


View from our balcony


View from our balcony!
Departing Sedona for the G.C.
Approaching the rim!
Bird’s Eye view of the Grand Canyon.


Smoke from the North Rim.


North Rim fire up close.


National Park rim road below.
Randy’s new Buddy.


Silly kids!
Lunch with a view.


End of a perfect day.




2 thoughts on “A Grand Canyon Bucket List Experience

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with me as I feel I am right there with you. What a a lovely view from your balcony. All I can say is, this is a wonderful and truly thrilling way to start your lives as man and wife. CONGRATULATIONS. Mary F.


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